Boson X Is Racing Through Particle Accelerators On Steam With Lots of New Content

Boson X
It's been a long time coming for endless science runner, Boson X, but now the game is finally on Steam, and with several noteworthy additions. The core gameplay fortunately remains unchanged, in that you'll still be running, jumping and dashing across cyan-colored surfaces to discover new particles. But there's more than enough new content to justify the $2.99 price tag.
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Let’s Get It Kickstarted (With Demo): Paradigm

When dealing with accelerated growth experiments, things can go horribly wrong, and in Paradigm's case, they did. Poor thing is now horribly mutated, tossed aside by his creators, left to fend for himself in a hostile world. Won't stop him from trying to achieve his dream of becoming the #1 electronic music artist (if his game gets funded, that is).
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Exception Is All About Fast-Paced Platforming In a Constantly Changing Virtual World

Exception (pre-alpha)
Malware, browser toolbars, viral infections and adware all have one thing in common: they're unwanted by most people. Incidentally, Exception tasks you with taking out the trash from inside the computer of [insert relative or friend name here]. Needless to say, with that crap clogging up the system, this virtual world is both dangerous and dynamic (wait, what?).
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4096 Hexa Is a Clever Hex-y Twist On the Likes of Threes! and 2048

4096 Hexa
There's no denying the appeal of Threes! (and 2048, to some extent). Sure, they're simple games about sliding numbers around to match and increase, yet somehow, that's also a formula for fun and addiction. One 4096 Hexa does its best to mimic, albeit on a hexagon grid! A clever twist for sure, which increases the challenge and makes for a noticeably different experience.
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Make ZXy Games: Speccy Jam 2 Is Well Underway

ZX Spectrum
Like a blast from the past, the jam which puts everyone's favorite 8-bit computer (not console) front and center is back. Which? Eh? Why, the ZX Spectrum, of course! Short version: participants have one week to create a game in that flavor - compatibility with ZX Spectrum hardware is not required. Need more details? Keep reading then!
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