Groundskeeper2: Blast Pesky Aliens In This Funky Arcadey Shooter

You'd think those darn alien invaders would have given up by now, but alas, that is not the case as they're still going at it. Fortunately for mankind, a purple-haired ponytail-sportin' girl is more than ready to kick some you-know-what, and send those bastards packin'. With all kinds of crazy weaponry available, courtesy of a seemingly mentally unstable inventor, it's time to rock and roll!
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Full Steam Ahead For The Greenlight Train, Carrying Seventy-Five Passengers

Doubt anyone's surprised to see this, given the - by now - obvious bi-weekly greenlighting schedule. That's not a bad thing by any stretch though, as I'm sure those who made it through this time would also say. As far as its contents go, well, let's just say more than a few are no longer Stuck In Greenlight Limbo! Also, 75 is such a nice number, so... woo? Definitely woo!
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Greenlight Just Got Debut 12 Bundled

indie royale the debut 12 bundle-
Let's get ready to GREEEEEEEEENLIGT! Eight games! Twelfth Greenlight-centric bundle from long-time bundlers, Indie Royale! I dare say they've picked a bunch of relatively unknown titles this time too. This is a good thing, obviously, as more often than not, those are in fact the ones most desperate for votes! That's right: remember... to... vote! Exclamation marks! YEAH!
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The Indie Post: The Fate of Unplayed Indie Games

The Indie Post
These days, indie games are available on just about any device with a screen. Because of this, they're also played more than ever before, even when they shouldn't be - like, say, during class! But as someone with a rather sizeable gaming backlog, I've often found myself wondering what happens to titles that never gets played... by anyone. Welcome to The Indie Post.
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Choose Your Own Sci-Fi Adventure In Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveller

Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveller
Space, the final frontier... A failed attempt at steering clear of a black hole results in you - and the entire crew of the starship Traveller - suddenly finding yourselves stranded in an unknown universe. You won't get anywhere without some help from the locals, so make with the diplomacy or swing that fancy phaser around until someone starts sharing. The choice is yours, in this video game adaptation of Fighting Fantasy: Starship Traveller!
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Unity Devs Can Port Their Game(s) to PS Mobile, Vita For Free

PSM for Unity
Considering the rather sizeable PlayStation Mobile and Vita user base, this is bound to ring well with Unity developers looking to expand into Sony's section of the hand-held market. While the currently available license is but a slightly limited preview (no publishing to the PSM Store, for example), it's still a great way for interested developers to sample the goods, ahead of its scheduled summer launch.
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Outmaneuver the Inhabitants of a Dark Dungeon In No more Bullets (Beta)

No more Bullets (beta)
There's neither gore nor jump scares in No more Bullets, but after navigating its dark corridors for a good bit, the grunts of nearby enemies and chilling atmosphere started getting to me. With no means of defense, all I could do was run, maybe lure some of my relentless pursuers into a trap, make them burn! But eventually, the only thing on my mind was to race for the exit, hoping it would bring safety. It never did.
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