Let’s Get It Kickstarted: Red Cobra

Red Cobra
One by one, nations are being occupied by G.R.I.P. (the bad guys). Not cool. As such - unsurprisingly - your job as the Allied Nations (the good guys) is to stop them; maybe prevent a nuclear strike at the same time. Too late to say no because the clock's ticking! Besides, what better way to start the day than with a suicide mission?
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Computer Dreams: Collect Dream Jars In Mazes Built Upon Unstable Tiles

Computer Dreams
One cat, one dream jar, one path, and way too many unstable platforms. These make up your protagonist, objective and obstacle course, in each level of Computer Dreams. Now, since tiles sink once crossed, it's fortunate that you have the power to raise and lower surrounding ones; but only those, and each lowered lets you raise exactly one. Tricky? You bet.
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Asylum Jam: Craft a Horror Game Without Medical Stereotypes This Halloween

Asylum Jam
While most likely associates Halloween (October 31, for those unaware) with pumpkins, ghouls, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night, that's not quite the focus of Asylum Jam. Or rather, the jam isn't about that kind of horror, as it'll be putting the spotlight on the mental aspect (hence, asylum) instead, only... "without negative mental health or medical stereotypes".
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The Green Light Bundle Returns With a Twist: Lineup Is 100% Greenlight Escapees

The Green Light Bundle: Best of
Peculiar. Normally, when a Greenlight-centric bundle goes live, their contents are of a yet-to-be-greenlit sort. That's not quite the case here, as they've opted for a 'best of' from previous The Greenlight Bundle outings instead. Odd or clever? Hard to say, but in my opinion, it's worth picking up for Megabyte Punch and Escape Goat, if nothing else. After all, cheap is cheap, and discounted indie games is rarely a bad thing!
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Inferno 2 Is Twin Stick Shootin’ Ablaze On iOS Right Now

Inferno 2
While I'm not a huge fan of twin stick shooters with touch controls, there are exceptions. Maybe Inferno 2 is among them, maybe it isn't, but if the game is anything like the first, I'd place it in must-buy territory. Twin stick shooters are rarely, if ever, as colorful or fun as Inferno+ after all, and the dungeon crawler elements? Icing on an already delicious cake.
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