Rhythm Jam: Get Into the Gamedev Groove

Rhythm Jam
About time someone got a jam like this going, I'd say. From Audiosurf to Symphony, there's no shortage of music-driven indie games, but even so, one can never have enough of a good thing, ya know? The only requirement for participation, is to create a rhythm action game as it were; or at least, one that incorporates rhythm-based gameplay. So... let the music play!
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Fancy and the Fox: This Town Needs a Heroine Now More Than Ever

Fancy and the Fox
The surrounding forests, in which your fiancée has gone missing, are all full of angry spirits. Ugh. Surely nothing else can go wrong, right? Actually... there's the tiny matter of three rather important orbs having disappeared from the town square, and obviously, you alone are able (or willing?) to look for them. Never a dull moment for Fancy, the protagonist of this silent film-ish adventure!
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Mount & Blade: Warband Celebrates Adding Mac, Linux, Workshop With Free Weekend

Mount & Blade: Warband (Gekokujo mod)
As far as medieval warfare goes, in spite of being four years of age, Mount & Blade: Warband is still among the most popular. Don't believe me? It's a good thing the game is free on Steam this weekend then. Not that you'll be able to experience everything on offer before it carries a price tag once more, mind you. There's just so much to do, from plundering villages to waging massive wars - all in the name of... conquest!
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Mini LD #53: Experience the Future Now… Soon

the future next exit-
Confused by the title? Well, that's time travel for ya, which is exactly what this upcoming 53rd Mini LD is about. Kinda. Doesn't have to be, though, as you're free to interpret its theme (the future is now) however you see fit. Go crazy! Be original! Think outside the box! And so on. That is after all what makes game jams so much fun, ya know?
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The Quest For Cheese: Tetromino Puzzler MouseCraft Has Arrived

Tetris, Lemmings, mice and a crazy feline scientist, all in the same game. Never thought I'd see the day, but that's MouseCraft in a nutshell: assist Schrödinger (the cat) by creating a safe path, so as many mice as possible may reach that delicious block of cheese at the end of each level. Although the inclusion of environmental hazards means that unless you're incredibly skilled, casualties will occur.
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Bad News: Bundle In A Box Has Shipped Its Last Box of Cheap Indie Games

In spite of having (kinda) known for a quite some time, I still hoped that this day would never come. While bundle providers are plentiful nowadays, the majority do tend to focus on popular games - ones guaranteed to catch the public's attention. Well, guess what? Bundle In A Box (mostly) did the exact opposite, shining the spotlight on lesser-known titles instead; my kind of bundle!
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