Let’s Get It Kickstarted: Kelvin and the Infamous Machine

Kelvin and the Infamous Machine
Get ready to point and click through time, by way of what looks like a... wait for it... portable shower. Think that's crazy? Ha! You ain't seen nothing yet. Your objective in Kelvin and the Infamous Machine, after all, is to stop a Dr. Lupin - a pissed off scientist, hell-bent on exacting revenge upon the scientific community for mocking his creation. Now that's crazy! I do believe he [Dr. Lupin] is too, come to think of it.
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The Last Federation Turns Everything Upside Down In the Betrayed Hope Expansion

The Last Federation: Betrayed Hope
One thing's for certain, Arcen Games aren't exactly a lazy bunch. I mean, The Last Federation only came out less than a year ago, and now we're already looking at its first expansion. Oh and not just that, but the massive 2.0 update launched alongside it, featuring plenty of improvements and tweaks across the board. Space just got a lot more tactical (and fun).
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The Sun and Moon Review

The Sun and Moon
Originally created for Ludum Dare 29, The Sun and Moon has since been expanded heavily upon, now featuring more than 150 different levels of platform-phasing action. See, in this game momentum is key, and the only way to preserve it, is... well, diving into the ground! It's every bit as strange as it sounds, but fortunately, also quite easy to get the hang of.
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99 Crystals (Demo): Gun ‘n Gun With More Guns Than You Could Shake a Gun At

99 Crystals (pre-alpha demo)
People often say that ya can't have too much of a good thing, but when it comes to guns, that's definitely not true. Unless you're playing 99 Crystals of course, as the selection of firearms in this game is overwhelmingly awesome (and a tad random). Shotgun flamethrowers, assault rifle rocket launchers and more, all customizable; shoot first, ask questions later.
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The Green Light Bundle Brings the Action This Time

green light bundle action-
Looks like The Green Light Bundle is back for another outing, full of already-greenlit-and-available-on-Steam games. But wait, there is one which is still trying to break out of limbo, namely... Gunslugs II! Oh and the brilliant One Finger Death Punch (which I reviewed way back) is part of the lineup. Can't go wrong with such a fun game, ya know?
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Polaritron Review: Color Flipping Bullet Hell

Hope your reaction skills are up to snuff, because in Polaritron, you either match the color of incoming bullets or... lose. Not like there's any way to win though, given its arcade-y design, but without passing the score threshold, you won't be able to unlock more modes. So do your country proud and flip that core (circle), soldier!
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Flying Toast With Jam: Make a Non-Interactive Game In Memory of Screensavers

Flying Toast With Jam
It's been a long time since screensavers were a big deal, but apparently I'm not the only one who still remembers them. Especially the After Dark sort, like Fish and Messages 2, which can still be experienced here, powered by the magic of CSS. For those unaware, many years ago, screensavers helped prevent burn-in on CRT monitors, and today... it's the theme of a game jam.
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